New Social Features In Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3

New Social Features – Call Of Duty Groups

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 recently rolled out new social features, Groups, which appears to be the revival of the Call Of Duty Elite Clans feature. While Call Of Duty Groups is still a Beta feature, it is still creating quite a bit of excitement and anticipation of things to come!

Call Of Duty Groups Tab

Creating, inviting, finding and joining groups is now seamlessly integrated right into the Groups tab found under Social.

Call Of Duty Groups Overview

When viewing a Call Of Duty Group you first land on the Overview tab, which displays general information about the group. Information such as how many members are in the group, how many members are currently playing, a message from the group, a bio section, a featured emblem, and even a slot for a featured screenshot or clip.

Call Of Duty Groups Roster

The Groups Roster tab delivers what you would expect. All members of the group are listed out, and their emblems and ranks for the Campaign, Multiplayer and Zombies are all displayed.

Call Of Duty Groups Leader Boards

The Leaderboard tab is a particularly nice touch as it is can be customized to suit the groups playing style.  Everything from career status to specific game mode stats, with rank by settings like score per minute, kills, caps and total score.

Call Of Duty Groups Showecase

The Showcase tab is designed to select what content will be displayed to showcase your group, but it appears to be not fully operational yet. What are you gonna do? It’s in Beta!

Call Of Duty Groups Admin

The Admin tab allows you to do things like accept or decline group join requests, edit the group name and overview, transfer ownership, delete the group, and even assign other group members as admins to help manage the group content; however, I have had zero success thus far getting admin privilege settings to save!

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