How To Open Pack-A-Punch – Gorod Krovi – Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies DLC 3

Opening up the “Pack-A-Punch” machine in Gorod Krovi, Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3’s DLC 3 Zombies map is not only a difficult task, getting out of the Pack-A-Punch machine room can be challenging as well.

As in all other Nazi Zombie maps, the first step is to turn on the power, which is a relatively easy task in Gorod Krovi.

Gorod Krovi Power Switch

Once you have flipped the power switch, start killing zombies until one drops the Dragon Command Code Cylinder.

Gorod Krovi Code Cylinder

After acquiring the Code Cylinder, head to the console and activate the Graph Module.

Console for activating the Graph Module in Gorod Krovi

If everything has been done properly up to this point, the module will spawn in a semi random spot on the map. Much like the mystery box, a light beam will indicate the placement of the module. It is easy to differentiate between the two lights. The module light beam is green where as the mystery box light beam is blue.

Green light beaming down on the graph module in Gorod Krovi

Locate the module and defend it at all costs. Whether it is the start of a new round, or the end of the current round with a crawler roaming around, zombies will spawn and start attacking the module. It’s worth noting that the round will most likely restart during the attack sequence, crawler or no crawler.

Graph Module under attack by zombies

After you have killed all of the zombies attacking the module, it will open up and inside you will find a network circuit. Grab it!

Opened graph module containing a Network Circuit

If only it were that easy! There are two more Network Circuits that need to be acquired from two more modules. The good news is that the process is exactly the same. The bad news is that the consoles for activating the Graph Modules are in different locations on the map.

After acquiring the first Network Circuit, one of the first few zombies that you kill will drop a new Code Cylinder for the Supply Depot. Head over to the Supply Depot, activate the Graph Module, defend the module, acquire the Network Circuit.

Start the same process over again once you receive the third Code Cylinder, this time starting in the Tank Factory.

Once you have all 3 Network Circuits, head towards the Armory. Go down the first set of stairs into the Operations Bunker and insert the circuits into the circuit board on the large machine in the middle of the room.

Slots for the Network Circuits to be inserted

Now you can head over to any one of the consoles located in either the Dragon Command, Supply Depot, or Tank Factory and summon the Dragon.

Console for summoning the Dragon

The Dragon will then fly in and land between the two catwalks. Ride the Dragon! The Dragon will drop you into the building containing the Pack-A-Punch machine!

How To Kill Sentinel Like Valkyrie Drones – Gorod Krovi – Black Ops 3 DLC 3 Zombies

In the preceding Call Of Duty Zombie games we have seen special rounds consisting of zombie dogs, zombie monkeys, and weird flying creatures. In the Black Ops 3’s third DLC Zombies game, Gorod Krovi, we encounter what are called Valkyrie Drones. These drones look and behave similar to the Sentinels in the Matrix movies.

The Valkyrie Drones are a little tougher to kill at first compared to the zombie dogs we have become accustomed to. Simply dumping clips into them does not achieve the desired result as quickly as we would like. Instead, focus on the arms of the drone. Once all of the drone’s arms have been destroyed, it will fly toward you and self destruct!

At the end of the round you will received the anticipated award of a Max Ammo, and if you manage to destroy all of the arms off of 6 drones you will complete one of Gorod Krovi’s ‘Trials’.