Gorod Krovi Sentinel Like Drones

How To Kill Sentinel Like Valkyrie Drones – Gorod Krovi – Black Ops 3 DLC 3 Zombies

In the preceding Call Of Duty Zombie games we have seen special rounds consisting of zombie dogs, zombie monkeys, and weird flying creatures. In the Black Ops 3’s third DLC Zombies game, Gorod Krovi, we encounter what are called Valkyrie Drones. These drones look and behave similar to the Sentinels in the Matrix movies.

The Valkyrie Drones are a little tougher to kill at first compared to the zombie dogs we have become accustomed to. Simply dumping clips into them does not achieve the desired result as quickly as we would like. Instead, focus on the arms of the drone. Once all of the drone’s arms have been destroyed, it will fly toward you and self destruct!

At the end of the round you will received the anticipated award of a Max Ammo, and if you manage to destroy all of the arms off of 6 drones you will complete one of Gorod Krovi’s ‘Trials’.

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